Saudi German Hospital Dubai

Address: Al Barsha 3, Hessa Street 331 West Off Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road Opposite of American School of Dubai P.O.Box No.-391093, Dubai, UAE

Phone: +971 4389 0000


Email: [email protected]

Saudi German Hospital - Dubai is part of the biggest private hospitals groups in the Middle East. Since its inception in 2012, SGH-Dubai has already established a reputation as a major player in the healthcare sector of Dubai and UAE, offering a wide range of medical services to the very highest international standards. Specialties include orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, obesity treatment and heart surgery.

The largest private Healthcare provider in the Middle East and North Africa, Saudi German Hospitals Group is a multi-functional Healthcare company that develops hospital facilities as well as providing medical services, operating with the support of many German Medical Schools & Faculties. SGH Group is growing at a rate of 16% per year, constructing one new hospital annually.

Saudi German Hospital has dedicated Centers of Excellence in several key areas:

1. Heart centre

2. Diabetes unit

3. Sports injury unit

4. Pulmonary and critical care unit

5. Audiology unit

6. Dialysis and renal unit

7. Laparoscopic unit

The following departments offer treatment at

1. SGH-Dubai:

2. Orthopedic

3. Cardiology

4. Sleep Medicine

5. Rheumatology

6. Surgery

7. Dental

8. Emergency

9. Anesthesia

10. Vascular Surgery

11. Dietetics

12. Cardiothoracic Surgery

13. Endocrinology

14. Neurosurgery

15. Dermatology

16. NICU

17. Radiology

18. Urology

19. Physiotherapy

20. Ophthalmology

21. Nephrology

22. Laboratory

23. Internal Medicine

24. Obstetric & Gynaecology

25. Pediatric

26. Pulmonology

27. Gastroenterology

28. ENT

29. Neurology

30. Psychiat8ry

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